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Core services: Group and one to one workshops in Personal Development and Management Coaching. Executive Solutions helps you be the best you can be.

Executive Solutions Business Strategy

Education and Learning

Executive Solutions has seventeen years experience working with 19-30 year olds looking at subjects like community integration, the way that individuals think and create workshops and seminars to explore refreshing ways of thinking.
We believe that appreciating that knowing why we do something is as critical as knowing how we do something.
Life Long Learning is a complicated journey twisting and turning through the river of life, we believe explaining why we do things is as important as how, never forgetting “ You Cannot Buy Memories or Experience” 
Our unemployed seminars are written and designed absolutely with the individual in mind using case studies relevant with seventeen years community experience.
Our Adult Education seminars cover all aspects of personal development for creating your own journey in lifelong learning.

Business Consultancy
Individuals often ask the question, "What is the difference between leadership and Management?"
In our opinion, Leadership is about setting the course for a journey. Management is about navigating through that journey using proven methods and systems to deliver positive outcomes.
Organisations employ individuals, but everyone functions in Teams throughout their life, a better understanding of this helps the individual to become an effective team member at work. 
High Performing Teams are co-operative small groups engaging in regular, co-ordinated action to attain results.
High performing teams usually exhibit:

  •     An overall purpose
  •     Mutual accountability
  •     Collective work products
  •     High cohesiveness
  •     Collective assessment of their own success
Executive Solutions has developed workshops specifically with the elite athlete or team in mind to perform at the highest level they can.
Everyone is different and copes with the pressure to perform at the highest level in many ways. Workshops to help the individual develop self confidence and belief to achieve are available.
Sport can also be a useful area to address anger management and self discipline issues in your life.  

Coaching and Mentoring
Successful people in all areas of life whether it is in community, sport, business and humanitarian causes have experienced the benefit of external support in order for them to reach their full potential. This mentoring and coaching service is at the heart of all successful achievement for individuals and teams.
The question is “Who leads the leader and who coaches the coach” external support from experienced professionals who are willing to share the tools, techniques, ideas and strategies can accelerate the achievement of the elite performer.
Individuals Across the community can also benefit from this service, areas like supporting confidence to integration back into the community and achieving personal excellence in career or sport.

A series of Individual Workshops:-
  • Creating your Vision for you
  • Goals and Taking Personal Responsibility
  • Building Confidence to Overcome Challenges
  • Self Discipline
  • Communication and Co-operation
  • Interview Skills Workshop
  • Solution Thinking
  • Being Outcome Focused
Community Workshops
  • 2 Young 2 Die Driving
  • Clean Your Life
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Understanding Aggression
  • Domestic Violence Male and Female
  • Asbo’s and Gangs
  • Values
  • Confidence Issues
  • Restorative Practice
  • Mad, Bad and Misunderstood
Leadership and Management Workshops
  • Creating your Vision
  •  Leadership Styles
  •  Personal Effectiveness
  •  Delegate with Confidence
  •  Managing Time and Personal Energy
  •  Creating Compelling and Interesting Meetings
  •  Powerful Presentations and Confidence
  •  Success Habits - Creating Goals to Score With
  •  Communicate in Challenging Situations

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