About Us

The group was formed in September 2006 although many of the founder members had already been involved in other business groups together since 2001.

Through the experiences gained from being involved in other groups we believe we now have the environment to create business oportunites for our members and the support network to call upon when needed.

Horizon is a non profit making organisation. The members own the group and all members have an equal share in the decision making. Horizon has an elected commitee to deal with the day to today administration and organisation.

We are a sociable group who enjoy meeting together on a regular basis for social activities such as Dragon Boat Racing at The Boat House Carr Mill Dam and The alternative Ascot being organised by St Helens Chamber of Commerce.

The nature of our group has been built on the basis that all members can confidently recommend their fellow members to friends and business associates knowing that they will be treated professionally and be provided with a quality service.

What we get from Horizon

We get a method of effective business networking opportunities which is based on established professional relationships and non competitive membership. We are each exclusive within the group and are able to mix with other business professionals and learn more about their businesses and business needs. We have the opportunity each week to promote our own businesses and also to pass on testimonials for members of the group.

Word of mouth advertising is the best advertising there is. Horizon provides an environment in which you can develop personal relationships with other qualified and skilled business people giving you the opportunity to increase your business.

Horizon events have been awarded High Impact status by the Global Entrepreneurship WeekSt Helens Chamber Member