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Gerry Payne - Bluefish Digital - Director

St Helens, Merseyside
United Kingdom
tel: 0844 873 1850
mob: 0777 0888 599
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Core services: Web design, Internet Marketing, Hosting, SEO, PPC, CPA.

Bluefish Digital was formed in 2008 to meet the needs of growing businesses in the North West, after identifying a need to improve the way business is generated through websites, the Bluefish Team set about researching local business needs.

Most companies were happy with their websites but dissatisfied with the sales/leads generated by them, we found that many companies had invested thousands of pounds on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay per Click) strategies but did not understand what their Return on Investment.

SEO saw many websites at the top of Search Engine results but for only a very limited number of phrases and was often showed few sales/leads generated despite regular monthly fees "to keep the top positions on Google", in some cases the Phrases being marketed were inconsistant with the needs of the company.

It soon became apparent that there was also suspicion regarding the performance of Pay per Click (PPC) Marketing. Many companies were spending a large porportion of their marketing budgets on PPC without knowing what their return on investment was, many knew that they were getting 'sales' or 'leads' but did not know if their PPC was being managed correctly. Their PPC agents were charging a management fee either a flat fee or a % of the Google spend without actually improving the performance of the campaigns, indeed as the fees were not related to actual performance there was was no incentive for the PPC agents to manage the campaigns at all,but to merely keep an eye on them.

At Bluefish Digital we believed that the above strategies are fundementally flawed and set about finding a better way of acheiving the client needs.

Web Development is still a major part of the internet puzzle and here at Bluefish Digital we offer Internet Solutions for businesses of all sizes, it is important for a website to be part of the overall marketing strategy as the primary role of a website is to drive business. To learn more about an Internet Solution that really works for your business, contact us today.

St Helens Web Design is a trading name of Bluefish Digital Services Ltd.

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